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Who are we?

We are qualified and licensed property agents sourcing investment properties and principal residences throughout New South Wales and Queensland. We have an intimate and thorough understanding of all property investment aspects, including initial property sourcing, architectural design and council requirements, building and renovation work and interior design and decoration. We have an extensive network of affiliated companies and professional resources that aid in the investment process. We work for you the buyer and have no allegiances or alignments with any kind of selling agents or developers.

What do we do?

  • We purchase residential properties on behalf of you, our client.
  • We purchase both investment properties and principal residences (owner occupiers).
  • We handle all budgets, whether you’re a first time investor looking to enter the market, or an established investor that wants to grow your portfolio.
  • We work solely for you, the purchaser, we do not have any allegiances with real estate agent or developers.


New South Wales

  • Sydney
  • NSW South Coast
  • Newcastle & Hunter Region


  • Brisbane
  • Toowoomba

Pinnacle Investment Process

Pinnacle takes an exhaustive and thorough approach to the investment process. An initial strategy meeting allows us to establish the desired investment outcome, whether it is seeking long term capital growth, immediate income generation, or a combination of both. We then align this strategic objective with a target market, which has been analysed against a number of key economic and demographic indicators. Properties are then located and screened using our strict investment grade criteria. Acquiring the property then takes a mix of valuation & successful negotiation. We also review contracts and carry out the necessary diligence items. We discuss all types of value adding tools with our clients in order to accelerate equity generation. Finally we provide ongoing support to all of Pinnacle’s clients.

Pinnacle Investment Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy that we believe in strongly. This philosophy is broken down into two areas, the journey, and the result. We firmly believe that the journey should be one of enjoyment, education and without hassle. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and we focus on communication, transparency, continued dialogue and providing you with as much information as possible. Finally, the result, the investment itself. This is the most important aspect of the process. We have been investing in property on a personal level, and business level for a number of years now. Over this time we have established a system, and a set of criteria that enables us to filter through the abundance of properties in order to secure only investment grade properties. Properties that meet and exceed our initial strategy and goals are all that we deliver for our clients.

“Property accounts for greater wealth creation amongst individuals than any other sector in Australia”

"Grow your freedom"

Qualified & licensed property agents sourcing investment properties & principal residences throughout New South Wales & Queensland.