About Us

Pinnacle Property Investments is owned and operated by Lachlan Rogers.

Lachlan had a diverse upbringing, experiencing both metropolitan living as well as semi-rural. He now resides on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Lachlan is not merely an agent who has completed an 8-week licensing course and considers himself a ‘property guru’. He has dedicated himself to 10 years within the industry, 6 years of property degree studies, as well as the dedication, discipline and commitment necessary to begin and build his own personal property portfolio. He is a property expert who wishes to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with his clients.

Lachlan’s personal investment portfolio began in late 2011, purchasing a modest, affordable 3-bedroom property in the Hunter Valley. Since then he has grown his own property portfolio to include a second property in Sydney, as well as a current multi-million dollar development under way in South East Queensland. He is a big believer in walking the walk, and he applies his own proven approach to all Pinnacle clients. He only purchases properties for clients that he would own personally, maintaining the investment grade standard of properties within the Pinnacle portfolio.

Lachlan graduated from The Kings School in 2003, before going on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University where he learnt the foundations of business and economics.

His property education was then intensified when he completed the Master of Property program through the University of Newcastle. During this time, he gained a thorough understanding in the following areas; Sustainable Development, Property Economics, Financial Institutions and the key role they play in the investment process, Residential Property Management, Commercial Facilities Management, Relevant Property Law and Planning Legislation, all aspects of Property Investment and Evaluation, Advanced Property Valuation, Statutory Property Valuation, Property Market Analysis, both macro and micro, and finally how to analyse the physical attributes of a property.

Lachlan also understands the necessity of keeping up to date with market changes and current trends. He regularly attends seminars conducted by leading industry experts, and is constantly updating his theoretical knowledge through relevant literature.

Industry Experience

Upon graduating from The Kings School in 2003, Lachlan entered the Real Estate Industry as a sales person whilst completing the required Real Estate licenses. It was here that the foundations of Real Estate were acquired, however he quickly realized that his passion was not in ‘selling Real Estate’, rather in the more personal and intimate side of purchasing property, and the wealth-creating vehicle that is property investment.

Lachlan subsequently exited the world of Real Estate and worked along side one of Australia’s leading interior designers for 7 years whilst completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Property degrees. During this time he learnt and absorbed an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the ‘human’ element to property, that is, the feel and nature of a property, and how interior design and decoration can drastically improve the desirability of a home. Over this time he acquired a range of skills across architecture, construction, renovation and interior design and decoration.

The combination of knowledge gained throughout his studies, as well as the skills acquired through his time in the world of interior design, give him a unique set of skills that is rarely found within the property investment industry. This skill set is exposed to all Pinnacle clients, and reinforces the value that Pinnacle Property Investments provides. Lachlan began operating his own company in 2012. He began a consulting based, holistic property company, which encompasses all aspects of Architectural Design, Building & Renovation, and Interior Design and Decoration, which is currently in operation across NSW and Queensland.

He began Pinnacle Property Investments in late 2012. He saw first hand through his own investing experiences, that the world of property can be an exhaustive and intense process, whilst also posing a number of different traps, both from people within the industry, as well as the properties themselves. He has a ruthless desire to lift the standards within the buyers advocacy industry. His clients will attest to his passion for the individual, as well as his passion for delivering an enjoyable journey, and a successful outcome.

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