Investment Philosophy

At Pinnacle Property Investments, we have a simple philosophy that we believe in very strongly. We believe that property investment should be about creating financial freedom, not creating a scenario whereby one is held hostage to their finances.

Each property has a unique financial profile, relating to initial purchase costs, ongoing costs, income generation or return, growth projections, and finally tax implications. Understanding this profile and understanding how it relates to a persons strategy is key in creating and maintaining a portfolio whereby financial freedom is reached.

Without knowledge, experience, and a well thought out strategy in place, you enter the property market blind and reckless, and this is where mistakes are likely to occur. First time investors are extremely vulnerable, and unfortunately the property industry is full of sharks. Too often we see clients that purchase property because “their father has”, or “they got a hot tip off the plan”, and these kind of purchase ultimately lead to a poor performing asset, and a failed investment experience. Another common mistake we see is individuals allowing a property to dictate their purchase. Individuals search the web, find a property that takes their eye, and proceed to purchase due to an emotional connection. Allowing the property to dictate the purchase can be a costly and painful mistake, the number one principle in investing, is to set the strategy first, and then proceed to acquiring the property, not the other way around.

Our investment philosophy at Pinnacle is broken down into two aspects;

The Journey

We firmly believe that the journey should be one of enjoyment, education, and stress free. We pride ourselves on being a small and personal company. We don’t have monthly KPI’s, or targets, that cause us to chase new business and neglect the business we have. We don’t allow time to compromise the purchase. We focus all our attention on a small number of clients at any point in time, to ensure they have access to us round the clock. We focus on communication, transparency, continued dialogue, providing as much information as humanly possible, without swamping you with unnecessary information, and keeping you informed along the every step of the process.

The Result

Finally, the result, the investment itself. This is the most important aspect of the process. We have been investing in property on a personal level, and business level for a number of years now. Over this time we have established a system, and a set of criteria that enables us to filter through the abundance of properties in order to secure only investment grade properties. Properties that meet and exceed our initial strategy and goals are all that we deliver for our clients.

"Grow your freedom"

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