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Investment and Principal Residence Purchases – Prestige Property Sourcing Service

Pinnacle Property investments offers a premium property sourcing package to all of our clients. Whether it is an investment or a principal residence purchase, Pinnacle uses a proven system to provide you with the most comprehensive property-sourcing package. Pinnacle utilizes a thorough process that begins with an initial strategy discuss, before proceeding to locate potential properties, and finally valuing and negotiating with agents to acquire the asset. The process is exhaustive and in-depth. The initial strategy discussion takes into account all aspects of your current financial position, the lifestyle you currently lead and the lifestyle you aspire to lead, how the investment will perform against a number of indicators, and what you can expect to encounter over the lifespan of the asset. The screening process to locate potential properties covers both public and private databases. We do not merely look at realestate.com.au or domain.com.au and locate a few properties that may be suitable. We filter through all public and private databases, whilst also informing affiliated agents of your brief, and also pursuing off market properties. There is not a stone left unturned when it comes to locating the right property.
Acquiring the asset requires a combination of knowledge and diligence. Research is carried out into the value of the property, based on multiple valuation approaches, all aspects of the property’s legal history is researched, including title, relevant planning information and LGA’s, and also surrounding development and approvals that may affect the property. Negotiation then takes place to ensure an efficient transaction. Securing the asset, or getting the asset ‘off the market’ is vital to ensuring growth of a portfolio. Once the asset is secured, we then proceed to value adding analysis, and discuss in depth with you the various ways to create equity within the property. This doesn’t have to occur straight away, however planning it and discussing these value-adding activities gives you a goal to work towards.

Consulting and Advisory Services

We advise and consult with you on any property related aspect, whether it is sales advice in order to sell an existing property, investment advice of any kind, architectural, building, interior design advice, or ongoing portfolio analysis and advice.

Professional Resources

Pinnacle Property Investments has a loyal and trusted list of professionals who assist in the property sourcing process. These include, however are not limited to the following:

Property advisor & strategist
Chartered accountant
Builder, carpenter
Kitchen manufacturer
Art dealer & framer
Pool design & installation
Licensed Property Agent
Mortgage broker
Structural engineer
Granite & stone supplier
Landscape architect
Interior designer
Financial Planner
Solicitor & Conveyances
Joiner & cabinetmaker
Wall & floor tile specialist
Landscape construction & maintenance

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Qualified & licensed property agents sourcing investment properties & principal residences throughout New South Wales & Queensland.