Why Use Pinnacle Property Investments?

What we do…

We work solely for you, the purchaser

We consult, advise, educate, and support you through the entire process

We analyse properties from a background of science and experience

We customize the investment strategy to your goals and needs

We take the necessary time to acquire an investment grade asset

We cut through the ‘BS’ of the Real Estate world

We carry out research and due diligence on every property

We only purchase investment properties that we would purchase for our own portfolio

What we don’t do…

We don’t act on behalf on any Real Estate agents, we’re impartial in our search

We do not receive any kind of commission, kickback, or any other incentive to purchase investments of particular agencies

We do not act for any developers

We do not buy house and land packages

We do not buy off the plan

We do not purchase any property that does not meet our strict criteria


With 10 years of practical experience in the property field, as well as knowledge gained through a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and a Master of Property Degree, you will be exposed to a sound understanding of all property principles, architectural design and processes, building, renovation and construction requirements, and finally interior design and décor.


Our knowledge base covers all areas of property investment, with an extensive list of professional resources to guide you through the journey. With this knowledge and experience available to the client, we feel that we provide a premium service and result, at a price that reflects great value. We encourage all our clients to benchmark our services and our fee against any buyers advocacy firm within Australia. You will notice very quickly that we are on the higher end of knowledge and experience, whilst offering this at the lower end of the cost spectrum.


Before you say to yourself “I can do this myself”, ask yourself at what cost? Cost is defined into two key areas, time, and financial. Time is one of the most valuable currencies in all of our lives, ask yourself what is the time cost of me researching property markets, finding and inspecting suitable properties, negotiating a price and terms, and lastly carrying out all searches relating to the property’s diligence report. What is the opportunity cost of me carrying this out, to my work, my social life, and my family? The second is financial, unfortunately I have seen many clients make mistakes by purchasing properties that appear to be sound investments, only to find out that they are costing them money on a weekly basis and the property is not fulfilling their strategic requirements, or they overpaid for a property, as they didn’t have the valuing expertise. Pinnacle’s fee is a small price to pay for a sound, successful investment property, which is purchased at the right price.

"Grow your freedom"

Qualified & licensed property agents sourcing investment properties & principal residences throughout New South Wales & Queensland.